In the most trying times of her life, Tasha Knight (Julian Johnson) ends up assaulted and incarcerated all in the same day. Confused, hurt and lonely Tasha cries out to God for answers. Praying to keep her sanity yet, still walking in the flesh only brought her more problems. From marriage, adultery to divorce Tasha finds her new relationship with Jose (Lavar Thomas) to be a roller coaster ride; Jose goes from one woman to the next but for some reason won't let Tasha go. Even during times of their breakup, Tasha had constant thoughts of Jose. Wondering if he is the man God truly has for her. As Tasha tries hard to fight her flesh through prayer she still finds her self accepting Jose back into her life more than a few times. Tasha never sought God for her previous marriage to Tory but she prayed so much for her husband and the more she prayed the further they grew apart. Tasha couldn't understand why until one day God told her that Tory wasn't her husband but the man she had chosen without seeking him first. She was speechless. A true story written by Chica Evette Casey and produced by Wise Produktionz, LLC. "Sucker For Love" is a Urban film with mixed talent focused on males and females that range from ages 21-40 years old. Dedicated to providing Godly answers as food for the heart and soul to encourage it's target audience to pray, wait on the Lord, then move according to his purpose and his will. This drama filled feature film will keep you glued to your seats. A must see with popcorn movie.

Theme Song Artist: Chica Evette Casey Theme Song Music Producer: Tabari Seward (ATL) Theme Song Poetic Artist: Steven James Recording Studio: Most Amaze Studio (We Make Hits) Background Music: Chica Evette Casey, Steven James, Demario "Rio Tha Suproducer" Hammond (ATL), Marco "Devine" Joyner, Quaadir "Duck Cez" Weaver, Alejandro Ayala, David Iney and Label 1018 DSV. Director: Tyree Lundy and Label 1018 DSV Casting by: Wise Produktionz, LLC Filmed and Edited by: Label 1018 DSV, Audio: Label 1018 DSV.

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John 3:16 NIV For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life - Copyright © 2018 Wise Produktionz.