Hi Ms. Chica, this is Tiara I thought that the class was fun because I made some new friends and Ms. Chantell helped me correct the things that I was doing wrong to make it better. Also Ms.Chantell taught me stuff that I never knew before.


Tiara De Beary, Student

I really enjoyed the class. I got a lot of answers and got a lot of information that I believe will take me to the next level. I really appreciate u bringing her here because if u hadn't I believe I would still be in the dark. Lol, but I am excited to put myself out there so thank you!

Jazmine Towles, Student

I thought the workshop was AMAZING and I definitely learned alot of things that will help me as I continue my journey to becoming an actress! Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to participate and making me feel comfortable and welcome! I will definitely be recommending this class to anyone interested, its worth the money!

Bri Tyler, Student

Chica has a vision for the future of children actors and training them to enter into the business of marketing themselves for acting positions. She's a hard worker who works for the benefit of those she is serving and aims at administering the highest quality of training beyond the expectations of her clients.

Lashunda Harris, Parent - Recommender

Chica is very detailed-oriented and produced great results for her company.

Darla Edmund, Associate Recommender

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